Insurance damage repair instruction for building contractors.
Information on restoration of structures, adjusters, fire, flood, wind,
water, house, home, business, disaster recovery.

Insurance Repair of Buildings, restoration instruction for building contractors, information on structural damage restoration.
A.C.E.S.* presents a manual for contractors:
"The Easy Way to Triple Your Profits in the Contracting Business" 
General contractors can easily earn profits of 20% to 40% and acquire over 80% of everything bid while reducing overhead and liability. Just learn the techniques, tips, terminology, and procedures. Then make the insider contacts as described in the manual. 
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*Assured Contractors Expediting Services

ACES produces instructional manuals to help building contractors acquire work in specialized, high profit niches of the industry.

This web site describes the complete course on how to become an insurance restoration contractor. Topics cover introduction to industry insiders, adjusters, bidding techniques, contracts, structure repair techniques for fire, flood, wind and water damages for homes and businesses. For further information, select from the categories below. 

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